• Stair Evacuation Solutions

    FSN are proud suppliers of the Exitmaster range of Market-Leading evacuation chairs manufactured in Great Britain. Quick and easy to use, proven evacuation chairs for every evacuation scenario, the ExitMaster chairs are all manufactured and tested to the highest standards, and are comprehensively warranted and CE compliant
    With a change in legislation it now means NZ building owners & occupiers may need to provide a safe means of evacuation for any persons who are unable to use the exit routes in the event of a fire or any emergency
    • Installation
    • Training (certified trainer)
    • Servicing


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  • Single user operation

    • Lower staff requirement
    • Time is short and escape is vital but are enough staff available?
    • Exitmaster’s ‘SOLOGoTM’ Single operator load and go Technology requires up to 50% less operators for loading the evacuation chairs, a lifesaving benefit at the essential early stages of any evacuation (See illustration on right hand side of page)
    • Extra safe evacuation
    • Extensive research & development work has been carried out to ensure maximum safety for both operator and passenger
    • No lifting or carrying during descent of stairs
    • Any passenger; tall, short, big, small, old, young…



  • The Best Evacuation chairs on the market

    • Proven dependability
    • Incredible 180Kg (28st) capacity on all chairs
    • Market leading ergonomic design with highly visible styling
    • Up to the minute multiple-material design and manufacturing technology including fire resisting textiles
    • 10 year design life
    • Another unique benefit with all Exitmaster chairs is known as ‘Freewalk’; patented design providing more space for the operator to walk behind the chair than any other product available!
    • Low lifetime costs are achieved through low maintenance, lubricant free and fully serviceable design
    •  Compact wall mounted storage and fitted cover with every Exitmaster evacuation chair


Design features:

Automatically deployed wheels for corridors and landings

Instant operation telescopic handle

Safety brakes on rear wheels

Comfort backrest and footrest

Unique top step safety feature

Technical Information

Landing size: 80 x 80cm min (32 x 32 )
Capacity: 180kg (28st)
Stair Angle: 28-42
Dimensions Stored: H104 x W50 x D29cm
Wall Mounting Bracket: (H41 x W20 x D11)
Weight: 14.6 kg

Operational Handbook & Cover included



Experience quality

  • All the benefits of the Versa, plus:
  • Enhanced passenger support and comfort
  • Integral stored passenger safety harness and headband
  • Superb transit mobility
  • Operator handgrips
  • Upstairs travel

European & International Patents & Registered Designs


Technical Information

  • Landing size: 90 x 90cm min (35 x 35 )
    Capacity 180kg (28st)
    Stair Angle 28-42
    Dimensions: H104 x W52 x D30cm
    Stored: (H41 x W20 x D12)
    Weight 17.5 kg

Operational Handbook & Cover Included